Tips On How To Become A Web Host Yourself

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Is Web Hosting A Good Business?

Web hosting is a great way to get a product or business known. However, the only way a person can effectively use web hosting to their advantage is to have done their research.

The following article will give you the advice to help you become a web hosting expert.

You'll need to decide if you're going to run your web hosting company from a reseller account, dedicated server, or VPS. Most small web hosting companies use a reseller, which really limits what they can do and host for their customers. Dedicated servers are a great choice, if you can afford them, but they are usually 3-5x as much as a virtual private server (VPS). Thus, we always recommend a VPS.

Should Your Web Hosting Company Have a Niche?

Having a good reputation is highly valuable to any great web host. Look over reviews and other articles on different hosts. Try to see what works for them and what doesn't. Then bring those ideas into your business. Soon, you'll discover those specific hosts have a good reputation within their niche. If a hosting company is dominating a certain niche, you should probably look for another.

What Features Your Business Should Offer

If your hosting web service offers online chats, forums, or posting boards, use them to access information about them. By asking questions, you can rule out any company that does not satisfy your needs. You may also find that you have more confidence in your chosen web hosting company this way. Some of the best information comes from current customers.

Can I just Run the Company From My Home?

We hear this question quite a bit... Almost always, the answer is no. If you choose to host your site on your home or office computer, you must protect yourself from attacks by hackers. Most people just don't have this capability, thus they choose to offload the task to another company.

What kind of Server Will You Run Your Business From?

You need to know that many web hosting services make use of Linux. Very rarely have we seen any successful company run a web hosting business from Windows infrastructure. Windows infrastructure is build more for Enterprise Businesses to service themselves, not customers. Thus you'll want to stick with a cheap linux vps if you can.

The Control Panel

If you're going to be providing web hosting services to your customers, they will need a control panel. Very rarely will a host just offer CLI access and expect customers to fully understand what to do.

There are 3 possible solutions for control panels we would recommend. These should be run on a Virtual Private Server, we'll link to where you can buy those control panels here.

The Top Web Hosting Control Panel with VPS:

  1. cPanel vps enter image description here

  2. DirectAdmin vps enter image description here

  3. Webuzo vps enter image description here

The Company You Run Should Be Secure

Before making a final decision on a hosting site, customers will ensure check your security and safety features. They want to be sure that their sites will be secured from hackers and other dangerous security breeches. If you want to be a strong web host, you should be backing up their files and subscribing to advanced security features. An example would be getting a DDoS protected VPS to run your hosting company from. DDoS attacks are no joke so definitely look into them.

Now that you have been provided with crucial advice go ahead and start your web hosting company!

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